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how we work

Our process consists of four unique phases to help break down the design process. These phases help establish a pattern that can be easily understood and followed along to ensure all members of the team are working together cohesively. 

These four phases include the dream phase, design phase, draft phase, and depict phase. These phases are further broken down on our process page.  

We also use a highly advanced project management software program that allows you to be involved every step of the way. This includes giving you access to a gantt chart which is our timeline for every project. Or you can sit back and relax while we make you dream come true, it's completely up to you. 


The dream phase of a project is where the project expectations are defined by you and the scope of work is determined on our end. By defining these areas we are able to provide you with a timeline of the project, along with design elements to ensure the overall dream of the project is understood. Aspects include mood board creation, concept development and understanding of functional requirements. 


During the drafting phase of your project we will be defining the functions and goals of each of the spaces along with visually presenting these outcomes in a drafted plan. Included in this phase is space planning, design drawings, construction drawings, and conceptual space overviews. 


Throughout the design phase we put together the aesthetics of the space to meet the functional needs we previously discovered. During this phase we will be focusing on the finishing details of the space. To get a better idea of the overall design we can produce 3D renderings to assist in communication of the design. ​


Finally as the project comes to a physical sense we will be as involved as you want in the project management. This includes on-site management of the construction, installation, inspections, and all finishing touches. Bringing the project to completion to ensure all aspect come together creating another space that make everyday feel like the wknd.


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